renal corpuscle

renal corpuscle
renal corpuscle

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  • renal corpuscle — n the part of a nephron that consists of Bowman s capsule with its included glomerulus called also Malpighian body, Malpighian corpuscle * * * a body that forms the beginning of a nephron, consisting of a glomerulus surrounded by the glomerular… …   Medical dictionary

  • renal corpuscle — n. MALPIGHIAN BODY (sense 2) * * * ▪ anatomy also called  malpighian body        filtration unit of vertebrate nephrons, functional units of the kidney. It consists of a knot of capillaries (glomerulus) surrounded by a double walled capsule… …   Universalium

  • Renal corpuscle — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = corpusculum renis GraySubject = 253 GrayPage = 1221 Caption = Glomerulus is red; Bowman s capsule is green. Caption2 = Distribution of bloodvessels in cortex of kidney. Precursor = System = Artery = Vein =… …   Wikipedia

  • renal corpuscle — noun the capsule that contains Bowman s capsule and a glomerulus at the expanded end of a nephron • Syn: ↑malpighian body, ↑malpighian corpuscle • Hypernyms: ↑capsule • Part Holonyms: ↑nephron, ↑uriniferous tubule …   Useful english dictionary

  • renal corpuscle — noun the blood filtering structure at the beginning of a vertebrate nephron, consisting of a glomerulus and a Bowmans capsule. Syn: kidney corpuscle, Malpighian corpuscle, Malpighian body …   Wiktionary

  • renal corpuscle — the kidney unit consisting of a glomerulus in a Bowman s capsule …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • tubular pole of renal corpuscle — urinary p. of renal corpuscle …   Medical dictionary

  • Renal column — Kidney 1 …   Wikipedia

  • Renal pyramids — 1. Renal pyramid 2. Efferent artery 3. Renal artery 4. Renal vein 5. Renal hilum 6. Renal pelvis 7. Ureter 8 …   Wikipedia

  • vascular pole of renal corpuscle — vascular pole of renal glomerulus the end of the corpuscle and glomerulus where afferent arterioles enter and efferent arterioles exit …   Medical dictionary

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